Class Times and Locations

“The forms can be taught,
but the essential principle of continuous practice,
has to be mastered by one’s self.”

Tuesday: 6:30 — 7:30 PM
~Granola Culture
(At the corner of Loudon Ave. and Limestone St.)
A FREE Class as it is Graciously Sponsored
by Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall
Wednesday: 5:00 – 6:30 PM
~Centered 309 N Ashland Ave.
Various Multiple Class Packages or Walk in
Thursday: 6:15 — 7:00 PM
~Urban Ninja Project
(Hi-Acres Shopping Mall – 1532 Bryan Station Rd.)
ONLY $5 for this 45 Minute Introductory Class





NEW Students
are welcome anytime in any class!

PRIVATE CLASSES are available at $20/hr. Please inquire for available times, if that arrangement is more to your liking. It can often be best, in the beginning of study, to have sufficient one on one discussion of principles and elucidations of posture and mechanics, before entering into the immersion of the Long Form class, but immersion does work well for those willing to try to move along with us.

To each their own gifts, skills
and learning curve.


New students are welcome to begin learning this marvelous form and changing their health and future at any time, in any of the classes at any of the locations that partner with the Neoclassical Long Form T’ai-chi Association. We support a wholistic approach to health maintenance and encourage participation in any of the many other healthful arts available through our partners.

PRIVATE CLASSES are available for those who wish to focus more closely or for those who would appreciate some one on one before beginning to study with a group. Simply contact us for available times.


Upcoming workshops in the Neoclassical form will be structured in six sessions with some time in between to sharpen skills before advancing through the next form choreography. These workshops will provide a thorough enough understanding of the form and its applications that after completing the course, the new practitioners should be able to effectively practice and properly improve their skills for the rest of their lives. Teacher certifications are also available for those who wish to pursue their interests further than their own personal well being and become transmitters of this most valuable and life enhancing art form. Please contact us via our email at or call me directly at 859-339-4516. The Neoclassical Long Form T’ai-chi Ch’uan Association is available for workshops in your area, for your business or organization’s wellness program.

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