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Success in Tai Chi is, all, always and only, a matter of personal motivation.


Mimic – Ask – Practice

We at Elypsis decided to provide free access to all of our educational videos regarding the Neoclassical Long Form of T’ai-chi Ch’üan (aka The Logical Form). We feel this original form of T’ai-chi is simply so important to the health and functioning of everyone, that it is inappropriate to not make it freely available to anyone who is willing to summon the diligence and determination necessary to work their way into the form. We have captured many videos, from several different viewing angles and provided them online for free viewing. Being founded on the fundamentals of Thirteen Postures Boxing the Neoclassical Long Form or Logical Form is thoroughly grounded on the bedrock of the “natural endowment” of foundational moves that our bipedal mammalian bodies are most easily capable of doing. This means that by simply watching and mimicking the movements in these videos at whatever level your ability affords, you will easily lead yourself down into the groove of natural, frugal functioning, and up the stairway to true achievement in T’ai-chi. You can be your own guide through this extraordinary kingdom, but we will also be here to answer any questions you might have concerning the marvels of T’ai-chi, The Stayin’ Alive Diet, The Fountain of Youth Rites, spiritual philosophy, longevity, gravity and levity. So please ask about anything that seems unclear, as your questions are truly appreciated by us, because they will likely help illuminate some area of darkness, or lack of clarity that someone else is possibly experiencing as well. Questions encountered and posed by new adventurers into an unknown land are always different and come from a different perspective than those old hands who grew up calling the place home. So it is with the acquisition of the knowledge of movements. So, please ask the questions, to all the answers I’ve forgotten to include.

It will help for you to also read the essays presented online in our Essays & Assays section, because much of the things you will discover through mimicry, are also outlined and explained in these essays aimed at elucidating the true nature of T’ai-chi Ch’üan and why we all might wish to improve ourselves by learning its subtle mechanisms.

In addition to this initial approach of simply mimicking this complex set of movements, our MAP education gives you the ability to ask questions regarding any aspect of the form, and get answers both through our collected FAQ responses or an email to Elypsis. If we do not have a sufficient way to explain or answer your inquiry with words, we will make a video to resolve the issue and send you a link to that.

So those are the first two steps in this straight-forward education program, the M and the A or Mimic and Ask. The P stands for the ancient Chinese secret of Practice. Repetition is your best friend and ally in your quest to climb the stairway through the Garden of the Fountain of Youth. If you can combine self-summoned, initial motivation with diligence, determination and perseverance you will climb step by step, day by day, higher and higher into the garden of yourself. There is no disappointment if you but continue. Success is attained in each day’s practicing, and is only determined by one’s attitude towards intention to achieve. These qualities are not to be taken lightly for they are the core reason for success. This form will move anyone’s being into a much higher level of functioning. To say it differently, it would be impossible to mimic and or practice this form with determined diligence and not reap the many marvelous benefits awaiting anyone who scales its heights. The journey is as long as the rest of your lives, which is typically a lot longer for the T’ai-chi practitioner who maintains their health through strength and harmony, by getting more in tune and settling deeper into the matrix of the world that surrounds us all. Endless practicing allows you to discover, what you do not yet know.

We do understand that the 108 move long form set is quite a meal to digest, but if you truly begin by taking one bite at a time and working out the first few steps, it will soon gather speed in direct proportion to your ability to understand the movements. Many short sequences inside the main sequence, are repeated several times, so when they appear again in the main sequence, you can just splice them in and move ahead. This accelerates your progress through the form and flattens the learning curve. All of the movements are martial maneuvers actualized very slowly, but the true purpose of doing these defensive transforms so slowly and accurately, is to force you to focus on your vertical spinal alignment and its relationship with your own natural posture, foundation, balance and abilities, thereby improving your posture, foundation, balance, capabilities along with, the ability to focus on the control of your body. These are invaluable lessons.

Will is to grace as the horse is to the rider.”
St. Augustine


Beyond MAP

In the event that you find the MAP approach too difficult to learn from, we do offer seminars, playshops and classes here in Lexington, Kentucky where you can come at any point in your learning process and get a good boost of information and resolved questions to propel you more rapidly into the realm of achievement.

The 10 week workshop curriculum, descriptions, dates and locations will be posted here soon. But are available if you call me at (859) 339-4516

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