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This gateway is for exchanges between interested visitors or adepts who have questions I may not have addressed in the essays section or new ideas you or I wish to put before our astute perceptions for peer review and discussion. Additionally it will serve as an interactive web log for expressions, opinions and discussions about the many varied, aspects of Tai-chi Chuan and its simple yet subtle, and therefore often esoteric principles.

In the hope of providing at time slot to accommodate anyone interested in accessing the marvelously enjoyable benefits of Tai-chi, Lexington T’ai-chi Ch’uan is currently holding classes at several Lexington locations. Class times are available at Centered on North Ashland, at Mecca Dance Studio and twice a week at Griffin VanMeter’s Kentucky For Kentucky Fun Mall at Loudon and Bryan Avenues. In the Summer we hold classes at the UK Arboretum. This gives you many chances to come to a class and find out why you chose so well for yourself. We also offer private classes to provide an opportunity to those whose schedules still do not coincide with the available classes.  Classes are always open to beginners. Everyone has a different way of learning and we address each students needs accordingly when they arrive. Classes are low stress, with light bending and lots of fun as we learn to move through the long form set. Great benefits are available to anyone who practices with diligence.  Dedicating a little time each day for the restoration of your self, is not a selfish activity. I like to call the process of moving through the forms, “Temple Maintenance”, “Polishing Your Armor” or “Restoring the Steward”. This marvelously simple art form can truly restore and maintain your being by actualizing T’ai-chi set after T’ai-chi set, continuously climbing the stairs through the Great Garden of the Fountain of Youth, employing the ancient Chinese secret of ‘repetition’.  This is a beautiful process of continuously refining ourselves, and the beneficial consequence is attainment of higher and higher states of integration, and perception of the surrounding forces and roaming figures that constitute our dynamic world.

Master Fong Ha said that, “no one really knows why they come to a T’ai-chi class”. Explaining further he stated, “neither I nor he knew where T’ai-chi would take us in another year”, but don’t let that stop any of you from coming to class, you simply cannot know a territory before you go there. As long as the practice we do in the moment is correct, the benefits are the same whether or not we know where we are going . . .

So as we wrestle with schedules and time allotment in our workday world, it is important to realize how much modern mundane culture steals of our valuable personal time, and that it is our birthright duty to ourselves as well as to natural life on Earth, to spend some of these precious living moments that pass through us each day, on cleaning the temple of the body, polishing our sentient mental armor, and maintaining and sustaining ourselves into a brighter, healthier, more vital and functional future. I know this to be possible. I physically realize that fact daily in my being, as a result of T’ai-chi Ch’uan. I feel like my core strength extends to my fingertips. My agility, while still improving daily, amazes and pleases me when I am needing to bend and move around close to the ground. My balance and strength are at a lifetime high, and I was a strong athlete who participated in seven sports in high school. I turned sixty on June second of this year, and it certainly does not feel like what I ever thought sixty would feel like. I often feel as though I’m a time traveler, because I retain all these distant memories, yet I feel very strong and youthful. I practice T’ai-chi, do Fountain of Youth Rites, run on my toes, ride bike, hula-hoop, dance and play, love and live, and so much of the enjoyment of it all seems to be that my body does not in any way encumber my ability to express or perform the activity or event.
So come and join us as we retreat from Father Time’s incessant ticking and restore youthful vigor and vitality. Youthfulness is a personal choice. Choose to take back some time to take back some time. Goethe said, “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” Be bold. Be magical and come dance the dance of youthfulness with us as often as you can.

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