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Here is a list of 33 current videos of the Neoclassical Long Form that are here for the purposes of online education, study and practice. It is our intent and hope that the information presented on this web site in the videographical information below, and the essays on T’ai-chi found here, will suffice to get an interested person started down the infinite path towards perfection.

The list contains links to videos on our TaoistDragons YouTube Channel which you may visit or choose from the links below.

Full Length Form Videos

Neoclassical Long Form Tai Chi Chuan (The Logical Form)
This video has a lovely call-out to help you memorize the set.

Neoclassical Long Form T’ai Chi Ch’uan (A prescriptive version for study)

Neoclassical Long Form Mirrors (This one is best for practicing with)

The Neoclassical Long Form in Holmes County Park, Louisiana (Slow & Meditative)

Tai Chi Chuan at Memorial Hall with Sonya at One year

David Sonya Tai Chi Jan 4, 2014

The Neoclassical Long form Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Presto (A quicker paced set)

Western Style Sport Form – Boulder (A short variation of the long form)

Western Style Sport Form – elevated view

Principles and Transforms

Kick Sequence – Neoclassical Long Form

Snake Creeps Down to Close

Separation of the Legs Left to Push to Apparent Close-up

(The next five videos are a great place to begin learning)

Workshop Lesson 1 – Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail

Grasp Sparrow’s Tail w/camera looking North

Grasp Sparrow’s Tail w/camera looking South

Grasp Sparrow’s Tail w/camera looking West

Grasp Sparrow’s Tail w/camera looking East

Sweep Lotus Leg & Lotus Kick

Four Corners Footwork

Chi Ruler Demonstration

Application Elucidations

We are currently preparing these videos which will show the intended martial application for each of the moves in the 108 long form. It is most beneficial to comprehend  the reason for these maneuvers in order to properly actualize the transformations from one non-static posture to the next. Knowing these applications induces your body into the proper physical configuration to effectively perform the maneuver, even though the actual application of the martial art of T’ai Chi is a free expression of focused defensiveness based upon self-preservation that utilizes the knowledge of grace, balance and foundation learned through proper actualization of the T’ai Chi Ch’uan form.

We are currently compiling and editing these videos and will upload them soon.

Lineage Videos

My Sifu Gerry Marr doing the first section of the Yang Form

Gerry Marr & his student Moshe actualizing a simultaneous Right and Left Yang Style set

Unique ‘view from above’ video of Gerry Marr doing The Gerry Marr Short Set -with a spin

This is the Gerry Marr Short Form – A rare piece of information

Further Back
~ These wonderful videos are examples of Gerry’s teacher and my teacher as well, Master Fong Ha. He is a steadfast representation of what a lifetime of T’ai Chi Ch’uan can do for a person. These videos are true gold in the realm of understanding the somewhat obscure principles of this subtle art form. Master Fong is still very much active and available through his classes in Berleley, CA or his website at

The Essence of Practice – Sifu Fong Ha

Sifu Fong Ha showing examples of soft style pushes

Master Fong Ha demonstrating and explaining effortlessness – THIS IS GOLD!

Sifu Fong Ha doing San Shou, T’ai-chi’s Two person form

Sifu Fong Ha explaining the subtle nature of Equilibrium

A Generation Further -Sifu Fong Ha’s Sifus

Tung Ying Chieh 1945 – Fong’s first Sifu

Yang Sau Chung – 1976 – Fong’s second Sifu & Yang Cheng Fu’s son

Han Xingyuan – circa 1970 – Fong’s third Sifu – Yi Chuan master



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